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hey look,  it’s not a medic

hey look,  it’s not a medic

what am I doing with my life…

what am I doing with my life…

photo study done in class

photo study done in class

I drew a thing for a friend.

And then this happened.

*continues drawing silly faces on everything*


Damn it.

pc crashed again,  taking another 2 hours drawing to its grave today.

at this rate I’m gonna have to have my flatmate give my desktop a checkup.

That drawing though…

*dieing whale noise*

"I’m not gonna save that artwork." I said.

"I’ll only be gone for 30 minutes. What could possibly happen 8D ?" I said.

And then my pc  died while I was gone. 1:30-2 hours of work gone.


I love your art style ! :)

thanks Anon :D

it’s a bit hard to work with it, my artworks tend to change styles a whole lot, but i feel like I’m getting a grasp on this on so that’s good (:

results of today’s live stream.

finished up my redraw piece  and  started a Medic wallpaper


Livestreaming now!
Livestreaming in 20-30 minutes.

I’ll be streaming in half an hour   :)

probably  gonna be TF2 themed or whatever I feel up to drawing. See you there!